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A three generational family business run by an experienced yet young team having worked with clients in all 6 continents, Cheer Sagar is an ambitious organization committed to working with world class fashion brands and retailers all across the globe and deliver excellence.

电子游戏攻略Cheer Sagar is all about partnerships. Partnerships with customers and employees, vendors and all those associated with us. We invite you to interact with us, to discuss some of the ‘little ways’ in which we could make a huge difference in your business interests.

We employ methods for raising productivity and quality performance ahead of time. While our strength has been in Ladies Fashion wear, we see a tremendous opportunity in all kinds of garments. Our company is poised for growth in this entire segment.


电子游戏攻略To become the most preferred destination for trading houses, brand owners, retail chains for sourcing all kinds of garments. The Vision provide a big driving force and lead us to conceptualize the cusomer need, creative thinking to amke solid business plans, strategies & policies.

Management Team
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    GP Poddar
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    Ravi Poddar
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    Sujata Poddar
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    Arnav Poddar
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    Tarin Poddar

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